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All of our produce is naturally fed and reared using traditional farming methods with plenty of open space for the live stock to roam. Because we butcher whole carcasses on site daily anything is possible.

Our beef is all grass fed and comes from Scotch Angus cattle. It is matured for 28 days in the shop to assure a tender and flavoursome cut every time.

Our Lamb is all born and raised in Herefordshire with its welfare always priority.

Our poultry is Suffolk raised and from the same farms as when the shop was first opened in 1959. No protein injections or artificial growing methods are used during the raising of our poultry to ensure a quality taste as well as a good standard of living.

Our free range Suffolk white pigs are all orchard reared to ensure a perfect flavour no matter what the cut.

As well as traditional meats we also supply many specialised cuts and a wide selection of game during the appropriate season.

Our many years experience allow us to produce a range of products in the shop daily. Because of this we know exactly what goes into our products. This includes our wide variety of homemade sausages, all made with natural hog or lamb casings, to our 72 hour dried biltong and drop wors. Many non-traditional cuts are easily available to us at short notice. Including osso bucco(veal shin) and fresh calf liver.

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